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Stone Chemical Company produces anodizing chemistry for aluminum anodizing as well as specialty chemicals for processing copper, brass, bronze, silver, nickel, zinc and other non-ferrous metals.

In addition to aluminum anodizing chemicals, Stone Chemical also manufactures, rust removers, pretreatment chemistry for plating, specialty cleaners for industrial parts washing, vehicle cleaners, aircraft cleaners and stainless steel passivation chemistry.

Stone Chemical Company aluminum anodizing, specialty parts washing and cleaning products and non-hazardous rust removers are formulated to be more user and environmentally friendly while also providing clear benefits and distinct performance advantages.

Aluminum Anodizing. Anodizing Chemistry. Stone Chemical Company Specialty Chemicals and Parts Washers for Metal Finishing.

  Stone Chemical Company
Company Headquarters: 1300 Iroquois Ave |  Naperville, IL Illinois 60563 (USA)
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About Stone Chemical Company: Aluminum Anodizing is the process of converting aluminum to aluminum oxide. Aluminum Anodizing substantially increases aluminum's resistance to corrosion, scratch resistance, wear resistance and chemical attack. Aluminum Anodizing also provides insulation and enhances appearance. Type II anodizing, also known as sulfuric acid anodizing, is the aluminum anodizing method most frequently used for aluminum. Type II anodizing also allows for color dyeing, and is used for decorative and architectural applications. Type III anodizing, or hard coat anodizing, uses a lower-temperature process which results in the hardest anodize film. Stone Chemical Company offers aluminum anodizing chemicals, chemicals for hard coat aluminum anodizing, chemicals for high quality anodizing, chemicals for color anodizing, anodizing chemicals, anodizing chemistry, chemical supplies, aluminum anodizing cleaners and chemicals for the aluminum anodizing process.

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