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De-Oxidizers and De-Smutters
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De-Oxidizers and De-Smutters

Stone Chemical Company offers AN650L and AN675L deoxidizers/desmutters which work quickly, and efficiently to remove the dark inorganic oxides and smut associated with etching aluminum. These products follow the Stone Chemical Company “No Dump Process” Design which specifies that they will not form sludge during use. Following the “No Dump Process” guidelines avoids the need to dump the bath with the attendant loss of chemicals and down time. The desmut bath is titrated periodically to determine when “adds” should be made.

AN650L  Deoxidizer-Desmutter AN650L is an acidic non-chromated, low ferrous based deoxidizer/desmutter designed to rapidly remove the most tenacious contamination and smut on wrought and cast aluminum.


AN675L  Deoxidizer-Desmutter AN675L is an acidic non-chromated, non-ferrous deoxidizer/desmutter, which works quickly, and efficiently to remove the heavy dark smut associated with aluminum castings. AN675L also does an excellent job of de-oxidizing and desmutting typical wrought aluminum alloys.

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