Plating Pretreatment

anodizing cleaners image
Alkaline Cleaner
AN100 is a cost-effective, non-etching, non-silicated, non-caustic, alkaline cleaner that easily removes stubborn oils, greases and other soils while protecting the underlying metal.
Neutral Cleaner
AN150L is a neutral, low-foaming, non-hazardous, biodegradable cleaner which easily remove oils, greases and other soils common to the metals industry. As AN150L contains no acid or alkaline material, it will not harm the underlying metal.  AN150L is used extensively for immersion and tumbling operations.
Acid Cleaner
AN160L is a low foaming, non-etching, acid based cleaner. AN160L quickly cleans tenacious oils, greases and other soils while not etching the aluminum. AN160L is often used to replace alkaline cleaners due to its superior cleaning capability and non-etching characteristics.

Neutral Spray Wash


Stone SW100L is a mild non-etching, non-foaming neutral cleaner designed to remove difficult oils, grease and other soils from metal surfaces. Stone SW100L does an excellent job cleaning and preventing tarnish on copper, brass, bronze, and other non-ferrous alloys.


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