Stone Chemical Company makes a full line of immersion (dip) cleaners for cleaning all types of metals in an immersion tank process.   These cleaners are offered as non-etching alkaline, neutral, and acidic cleaners for removing oil and grease after machining and fabrication. Stone Chemical Company also offers spray wash cleaners suitable for use in commercial parts washers.  Cleaners are formulated to follow the Stone Chemical “No Dump Process” Design which specifies that they will not form sludge during use.  Stone Chemical Company recommends that parts exiting the cleaning process should carry some solution via “drag out” into the rinse tank.  Keeping the parts wet prevents “staining” of the metal surface due to “dry on”.  The residual cleaner solution is removed in the rinse tank and this tank is regularly purged.  The cleaner is titrated periodically to determine when “adds” should be made.  Following the “No Dump Process” guidelines avoids the need to dump the cleaner with the attendant loss of chemicals and down time.

Aluminum Rack and Parts Stripper


AN100  Alkaline Cleaner AN100 alkaline cleaner is a cost-effective, non-etching, non-silicated, non-caustic, powdered alkaline cleaners that easily remove stubborn oils, greases and other soils common in the aluminum manufacturing industry while protecting the underlying metal.
AN105LF  Alkaline Cleaner AN105LF alkaline cleaner is a low foaming version of our AN100 alkaline cleaners. The AN105LF alkaline cleaner is a primarily used for spray and parts wash applications. AN105LF alkaline cleaner does an excellent job of removing difficult soils in short cycle times.
AN110L  Alkaline Cleaner AN110L alkaline cleaner is a liquid version of AN100. AN110L alkaline cleaner does a remarkable job of cleaning tough soils.
AN150L  Neutral Cleaner AN150L neutral cleaner is a neutral, low-foaming, non-hazardous, biodegradable cleaners which easily remove oils, greases, buffing compounds and other soils common to the metals industry. AN150L neutral cleaner contains no acid or alkaline material, it will not harm the underlying metal. AN150L is used extensively for immersion, spray and tumbling operations.
AN160L  Acidic Aluminum Cleaner AN160L aluminum cleaner is a non-etching, mild, acid aluminum cleaner. AN160L quickly cleans tenacious oils, greases and other soils while not etching the aluminum. AN160L acid aluminum cleaner is often used to replace alkaline cleaners due to its superior cleaning capability, thorough rinsing and non-etching characteristics.
ST100L  Stainless Steel Passivating Cleaner Alkaline ST100L liquid cleaner removes typical processing oils and greases and brightens stainless steel parts while passivating the surface of the metal. ST100L is much milder than nitric acid passivation.
ST110L  Stainless Steel Passivating Cleaner / Brightener Alkaline ST110L is an aggressive powdered caustic stainless steel cleaner used in immersion cleaning tanks.  For stainless steel parts processed with typical machining oils or greases, ST100L does an excellent job as a stainless steel cleaner and brightener all the while passivating in one step. ST100L replaces the aggressive nitric acid processes generally used in the industry and complies with ASTM A-380 for stainless steel passivation.
SW100L  Neutral Spray Cleaner SW100L neutral spray cleaner is a neutral, dispersing, spray wash cleaner for removing oil and grease after machining and fabrication. It will not etch aluminum and prevents further oxidation.  For use in all industrial parts washers.
SW150L  Alkaline Spray Cleaner SW150L alkaline spray cleaner is a non-dispersing, spray wash cleaner for removing oil and grease after machining and fabrication. The hydrocarbon soils are rejected and float to the surface for easy removal via overflow or skimming.  For use in all industrial parts washers.

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