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Passivating Cleaners, Brighteners and Rust Removers

Stone Chemical Company offers three water based products (ST100L, AN130L, and AN115L) for cleaning, brightening, passivating and removing rust from steels.  These products follow the Stone Chemical “No Dump Process” Design which specifies that they will not form sludge during use.  Following the “No Dump Process” guidelines avoids the need to dump the bath with the attendant loss of chemicals and down time.

Aluminum Rack and Parts Stripper

Stainless Steel Passivating Cleaners / Brighteners / Rust Removers

AN115 Alkaline Cleaner AN115 is used primarily for spray wash applications for steel. It is a caustic alkaline spray cleaner designed to remove tenacious oils, grease and other soils from the metal surface during the fabrication and finishing process.
AN130L Steel Cleaner AN130L is a liquid alkaline cleaner with rust preventative. It is designed to prevent the formation of flash rust on all steels. It is especially effective in cleaning and preventing rust on tooling steel. AN130L contains no solvents
ST100L Stainless Steel Passivating Cleaner Alkaline ST100L liquid cleaner removes typical processing oils and greases and brightens stainless steel parts while passivating the surface of the metal. ST100L is much milder than nitric acid passivation.
ST110L Stainless Steel Passivating Cleaner / Brightener Alkaline ST110L is an aggressive powdered caustic stainless steel cleaner used in immersion cleaning tanks. For stainless steel parts processed with typical machining oils or greases, ST100L does an excellent job as a stainless steel cleaner and brightener all the while passivating in one step. ST100L replaces the aggressive nitric acid processes generally used in the industry and complies with ASTM A-380 for stainless steel passivation.

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