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Anodizing Seals and Additives

Stone Chemical Company offers several proprietary Nickel based seals and additives which provide better corrosion protection by getting deeper into the anodized surface pores while controlling smut. Seals AN535L and AN545L salt spray test results exceed 2000 hours. Seal bath additives extend bath life and control smut formation and dye bleed. These products follow the Stone Chemical Company “No Dump Process” Design which specifies that they will not form sludge during use. Following the “No Dump Process” guidelines avoids the need to dump the bath with the attendant loss of chemicals and down time.
AN535L  Mid-Temp Aluminum Anodizing Seal
AN535L Anodizing Seal is a low nickel, low foaming, long lived, mid-temperature seal with excellent acid resistance as well as smut and bleed suppressant properties. With proper anodizing, AN535L typically exceeds 2,000 hours of salt spray while maintaining excellent light-fastness and light stability (will not yellow). AN535L is used extensively in aerospace, military, medical, automotive and architectural applications.
AN545L  Mid-Temp Aluminum Anodizing SealAN545L Anodizing Seal is a fast-acting nickel acetate based, aluminum anodizing seal. AN545L provides maximum corrosion resistance for those applications where superior product performance is required. Smut and dye “bleed” additives improve bath longevity and ensure optimum aesthetic appearance of the anodized parts. AN545L is used in a wide range of commercial, aerospace and architectural applications.  Salt spray exceeds 2,000 hours.
AN550L  Mid-Temp Aluminum Anodizing SealAN550L Anodizing Seal is formulated with an additive package designed to withstand the degrading effects of heavy contamination in the seal bath (i.e. sulfates). AN550L provides beautiful appearance of the sealed parts as well as improved corrosion resistance versus other seals available on the market.
AN555L  Mid-Temp Anodizing Seal (ultra-low nickel)AN555L Anodizing Seal is an ultra-low nickel, mid-temp anodizing seal with excellent corrosion resistance as well as smut and bleed suppressant properties.  Used for all dyed and clear anodizing applications, AN555L is long-lived and environmentally friendly.  Often used for operations requiring superior seal performance while minimizing the amount of nickel in the waste stream.
AN590L  Seal AdditiveAN590L Seal Additive is used primarily as an additive for the AN535L & AN545L seals to extend the operation of the seal bath beyond its normal life. AN590L suppresses the formation of smut and helps prevent “dye bleed”. AN590L is also used as a smut suppressant in hot water seals.
AN593L  Seal AdditiveAN593L Seal Additive is an enhanced seal additive package designed as a replenished for the AN550L and AN555L seals.  Like AN590L, AN593L is a very cost effective way to extend seal bath life while preventing the formation of smut and “dye bleed”.
AN595L  Seal AdditiveAN595L Seal Additive works in very small quantities (10-20 malls per 100 gallons of tank capacity) to prevent the formation of smut associated with certain sealing conditions. AN595L works equally well in hot DI water sealing baths.


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