Copper Brass and Bronze Chemistry

Lead Removal
Copper Brass and Bronze Lead Removal

Lead Removal

*CU400L  Copper, Brass & Bronze CleanerCU400L is a unique product that cleans, brightens and removes other metal contaminants, including lead, from the surface of copper and brass while providing a passivated surface which resists tarnishing. CU400L meets EPA mandated NSF61 requirements for the removal of lead from copper and brass for drinking water systems. For use in immersion baths and industrial parts washers.
*CU450L  Copper, Brass & Bronze CleanerCU450L cleans, brightens and helps prevent tarnishing while removing leachable lead from the surface of brass, bronze and copper. Also a mild chemical process, CU450L is the most concentrated and the most aggressive for use in dissolving difficult to remove surface lead typical on rough surface brass (castings and forgings). CU450L allows manufacturers of brass parts to meet NSF61 requirements. For use in immersion baths and industrial parts washers.
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