Stainless Steel

Is Stone Chemical ISO certified?

Yes, Stone Chemical Company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

Why should I use an etch extender?

Stone Chemical AN250L Etch Extender is a proprietary etch extender designed to lengthen etch bath life by allowing dissolved aluminum concentration to reach 180 g/L as against 25g/L without the additive.  AN250L minimizes sludge formation and provides an even matte finish on aluminum parts.

Why should I use an anodizing additive?

Stone Chemical AN350L is a proprietary aluminum anodizing additive designed to increase current density.  This increases anodic coat uniformity and hardness while increasing throughput.

Which additive should I use for extending seal life?

AN590L replaces the organic package in Stone Chemical Company seals which is depleted over time.  It is highly concentrated and requires relatively small additions to prevent smut formation.

What product can be used to extend aluminum rack life?

Stone Chemical AN775 will extend aluminum rack life at least three-fold by removing only the anodizing and not attack the underlying metal.  AN775 can also be used in many cases to remove the anodizing coat from off-spec parts so they can be saved from scrap and re-anodized.

How can metals be cleaned without etching the surface?

Stone Chemical Company offers non-etching alkaline (AN100, AN105LF (Low Foaming), AN110, SW135, SW150L), neutral (AN150L and SW100L), and acidic (AN160L) cleaners for immersion and spray wash applications.

I still have questions, who can I talk to?

If you have questions that are not answered on our FAQ page, please contact us. You can use the quick contact form on our Contact Us page or you can contact us direct by calling during regular business hours at:  630.305.0538. And of course you may contact us via email at

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