Stone Chemical Company produces anodizing chemistry for aluminum anodizing as well as specialty chemicals for processing copper, brass, bronze, silver, nickel, zinc and other non-ferrous metals.

Solutions for a Clean Surface

Stone Chemical Company makes a full line of immersion (dip) cleaners for cleaning all types of metals in an immersion tank process. These cleaners are offered as non-etching alkaline, neutral, and acidic cleaners for removing oil and grease after machining and fabrication. Stone Chemical Company also offers spray wash cleaners suitable for use in commercial parts washers. The cleaners are formulated to follow the Stone Chemical “No Dump Process” Design which specifies that they will not form sludge during use. Stone Chemical Company recommends that parts exiting the cleaning process should carry some solution via “drag out” into the rinse tank. Keeping the parts wet prevents “staining” of the metal surface due to “dry on”. The residual cleaner solution is removed in the rinse tank and this tank is regularly purged. The cleaner is titrated periodically to determine when “adds” should be made. Following the “No Dump Process” guidelines avoids the need to dump the cleaner with the attendant loss of chemicals and down time.