Brass and Copper Metals

Copper, Brass & Bronze Chemistry

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Anodizing Chemistry

Aluminum Cleaners • Alkaline Cleaners • Neutral Cleaners
plating pretreatment

Plating PreTreatment

Before performing electroless plating, the material to be plated must be cleaned by a series of chemicals, this is known as the pre-treatment process.


Immersion Cleaners • Parts Wash • Spray Cleaners • Equipment Cleaners • Vehicle Cleaners

Rust Remover Chemicals

Non-Hazardous • Industrial Rust Remover Chemicals

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stone Chemical accredited by the cccc?
Yes, Stone Chemical is licensed and Sociosqu lacus elit vivamus praesent, nunc imperdiet consectetuer leo. Lacinia nibh, vitae sed accumsan lectus accumsan praesent, eu tellus pede. Integer velit diam morbi quam libero nunc, faucibus purus eget luctus felis. Suscipit in natoque id sodales, egestas bibendum, metus purus interdum odio, pede sed varius massa eu nunc vehicula. Tempus mi eu rhoncus vestibulum dis, eget sagittis justo et cum orci, velit gravida.
Can we get the sds specs from SCC?
Yes of course, please request a copy of the sds spec sheets that you need by clicking on SDS Request under Contact Us on the top navigation menu.  We will verify that you are a SCC customer and get you a pdf file asap!
Are there other file formats that you provide for the sds sheets?
No,sorry the pdf file format is the standard format provided throughout the industry.
I don't see the chemical solution for my problem. Do you create custom chemical solutions?
We provide custom chemical solutions for our clients within our ability. Give us a call and tell us more about what your needs are. Please call 630.305.0538 (Monday through Friday during our business hours 9:00 a.m. – 5:00p.m. Central Time Or you can fill out the Contact Us form and fill us in regarding the chemical solution you are looking for. If we can be of service, we’d love to help!

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